Rehabilitation/Construction of Midoma/Iwerebor Gully Erosion Site

The Midoma/Iwerebor flood plain and gully erosion watershed site is located at Boji-Boji Owa, Ika North East LGA, Delta State with coordinates of Latitude N 6° 14′ 26.4″ and Longitude E 6° 11′ 34.9″ with estimated length and depth of 2800m and 15m respectively. The site which is located in a densely-populated area is categorized as catastrophic. The area is drained by Agbor River which is at a level of approximately 245m above sea level. The severe flooding and erosion problems experienced in this area has been investigated and noted as one of the ecological priority zones for flooding and erosion control.

The gully came into existence as a result of the heavy drain from various uncontrolled road drainages combined with several uncontrolled street run-offs from paved compounds. The area of the gully sub-watershed is estimated at 570,611 sq m, width at the gully head is put at 11.15m, depth is 13.52m, and gradient of the slope is 0.130. At the middle course of the gully, the width is 57.12 ft, depth is 33.17ft with slope gradient of 0.06. The site, was awarded 20th January, 2020 to Messrs Levant Construction Ltd, with a duration of 18 months that is 31st June 2021 being the expected completion date.

 This contract is 100% completed as per Bill of Engineering Measurement and Evaluation (BEME) quantities, on 26th October, 2021.

The Activities include Earth works, Gully Rehabilitation, Drop structure, Construction of line drains, Baffle Chute, Riprap construction, Road works, Gabion works and Bioremediation.

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