Provision of Perimeter Fencing For Climate Adaptation Farm

There are no hard and fast rules for this activity other than to confer some degree of security to the farm investment. Insecurity as a result of climate change has become a global phenomenon, which imposes a major challenge to human environments especially in the twenty-first century. This phenomenon prompted scholars to conduct scientific investigations to find out solutions to the problems. The overwhelming challenges related to socioeconomic activities, migration, and agricultural productions eventually resulted in inadequate employment opportunities and limited means of livelihood to the teaming population. Accordingly, it intensifies social vices which culminate into general insecurity causing loss of lives and valuable properties. [Abubakar U.A., Ahmed A. (2017) Climate Change and Insecurity]

Perimeter Fencing at Obomkpa

Given its dependence on rain fed agriculture, this region of Delta State and Nigeria in general is very vulnerable to social vices as earlier stated. The situation becomes worse when considering the form and objective of these farms to include dry season farming and so expectation of greater trespass especially in the dry season shouldn’t be in doubt. 

Perimeter fencing at Ukwu-Nzu

As would be considered necessary, going by information available in Climate Change studies so far, it became imperative to do a perimeter fence around the project farm plot. These plots are about 650meters perimeter each, culminating to about 1300meter in all. We recommended and did a Chain-link fence around the farm, enclosing the farm house, Water/irrigation system and the goat pen. It also has a two leaf gate for ease of access to vehicles and trucks, when necessary.


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